What JAG Capital Does for You

Acquisition Process

During this stage, we do an intensive and thorough review of the property and surrounding area to make sure that it meets our strict qualifications. By doing this we ensure that it will meet the standard of our company and keeps to our guidelines.

Financial Analysis

We look at the past performance of every deal, but more importantly how we can operate and improve on it going forward. We use conservative assumptions and stress test every deal to make sure we have confidence in our plans.

Investor Expectations

We want to make sure everyone understands exactly what they’re getting themselves into, so we pay extra attention to making sure our investors know exactly what we’re planning on doing, and then following through on that.

How It Works

Vertical Integration

What does it mean to be a Vertically Integrated company?

We are building JAG Capital to have ownership for all the different parts that goes into buying and operating our multifamily assets. Our goal is to own every touch point in the process so that we can hold those areas to our highest standards and align every point to the same vision, focus and values.

How does Vertical Integration help me as an investor?

By having more touch points owned by JAG Capital we can offer more assurance that things are being done to our standards. With a clearly defined goal for the company, each asset, and for every team member, it creates a much more streamlined and efficient process. This translates into a better experience all around for our investors.


The Grove

Orange Park, FL

1425 Smith Street

Rubel & College

Jacksonville, FL

931 Rubel St

Jefferson Square

Orange Park, FL

1288 Jefferson Avenue

River Breeze

Jacksonville, FL

2761 St Johns Ave

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We focus on finding high quality multifamily assets in the Jacksonville, FL area which provide an excellent return profile, while also giving a lower risk profile than many other alternative investment opportunities.

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